Registrations for HUMAN Token Sale on CoinList Goes Live

HUMAN Protocol empowers workforces by tokenizing fungible tasks of any size and thus helping companies and individual workers to maximize their output.

On Tuesday, June 8, the CoinList platform announced that the registrations for the HUMAN Token Sale are now live on the exchange. HUMAN (HMT) is the native token of the Human Protocol that facilitates the automated jobs market.

The Human Protocol caters to areas where human workers can work on interesting jobs while handling repetitive tasks to machines. All the network participants will use the native HMT token to pay for the labor through smart bounties and reward validators. The registration deadline for the token sale is next Tuesday, June 15, 2021. the HMT Token Sale will happen with two public options:

  • Each HMT token will carry a price tag of $0.50. Also, the total supply cap is 100M HMT token. Besides, an individual can bid for a maximum of $2000 with 1 year lockup period.
  • The other option is each HMT token has a price tag of $0.75. Also, the supply cap is at 20M HMT tokens. The maximum bid is $2000 and the lockup period is less only up to August 10, 2021.

About the Human Protocol

With a lot of things getting automated on a daily basis, the Human Protocol provides a new way wherein humans and machines can work together. Besides, it will help machines to ask questions whenever they need to seek human help. Like for e.g. in case the AI learns how to suggest shoes, it first needs to know what shoes people think are similar. The HUMAN Protocol allows the machine to ask the question, provide the data, and pay people who help as CoinList explains:

“HUMAN enables automated job markets where human workers work on interesting jobs and repetitive tasks are handled by machines. Through HUMAN, companies gain new options to create the datasets that power artificial intelligence.”

Below is a glimpse of the progress made by the HUMAN Protocol so far:

  • HUMAN-powered apps have proven applications and already used by millions of people on monthly basis. Use cases include labeling data and protecting it against bots. The HUMAN Protocol supports multiple networks like Polkadot, Etheruem, and Solana based on the user requirements.
  • HUMAN Protocol empowers workforces by tokenizing fungible tasks of any size and thus helping companies and individual workers to maximize their output.
  • HUMAN supports the development of a decentralized global jobs market wherein participants can trade in a safe and trustless manner.

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