‘Andy Warhol: Machine Made’ NFTs Raise $3.38M

Following the recent auction of CryptoPunks NFT Portraits, Christie’s links up with The Andy Warhol Foundation for another monumental sale of five unique NFTs from the ‘Andy Warhol: Machine Made’ collection that garnered a total of $3,377,500 USD.

Andy Warhol not only dominated the physical art world but is now riding the digital wave. The Andy Warhol Foundation minted five distinct NFTs from restored and preserved files of his 1985 artworks, such as the “Amiga”, which were restored from floppy disks in 2014. No other NFTs will be minted from these files.

Net proceeds will be used to support the annual funding of The Andy Warhol Museum as well as the foundation’s efforts in supporting artists throughout America.

Starting the bid at $10,000 USD per artwork, each NFT sale was extended multiple times to serve over 200 bids in the last 24 hours of the bidding. The auction captivated a global audience with three successful bidders in the U.S., one in Europe and one in Asia.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to work with Christie’s on making a significant contribution to the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to support artists,” commented Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, Marketing, and Sales at The Andy Warhol Foundation. “Warhol’s innovative vision and practice continues to enable the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to artists by supporting small, community-oriented spaces, major museums, and everything in between.”

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