Anthony Weiner Has Ideas About ‘Cashing In’


New York Times columnist Ben Smith catches with up Anthony Weiner to get the very-much-former politician’s take on the New York City mayoral race. And while Weiner has advice for the candidates (enough with the talk of the city’s grim future, for example), the more interesting part of the article might deal with Weiner’s plans for the future. No, not politics, he knows that part of his life is gone for good after he was caught sexting with an underage teen. But the column notes two ways Weiner might make a little extra money. For one, his agent has been shopping a book about sex addiction (Weiner is currently in a 12-step program). The second involves the trendy world of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

Wiener is thinking “really seriously” about creating digital collectibles about some of his infamous moments. “He could make an NFT, he said, of the errant tweet that began his long spiral in 2011,” writes Smith. “He could make an NFT of the search warrant for his laptop, or of the email his old friend, the comedian Jon Stewart, wrote to apologize for making fun of his troubles, or of the check that Mr. Trump wrote to one of his earlier campaigns.” (That laptop, incidentally, played a role in the 2016 FBI inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and some blame Weiner for her loss to Trump.) “Cashing in would be nice,” says Weiner, who also is pondering the creation of a new category of political NFTs that could be used in fundraising. (Read Smith’s full column.)

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