Iconic Olympic pins replaced by NFTs

The Olympics comes with its own set of traditions, including the collecting of commemorative pins, which are released each time the global event is held. Usually taking the form of shiny, tangible objects, this year the ritual will be performed a little differently, with a series of Olympic-themed NFTs (non-fungible-tokens). 

Since the Japan 2021 Olympics will be held without visitors, the collecting of actual pins would have been nigh on impossible. So, the International Olympic Committee has been working with game production company nWay on a series of officially-licensed digital pins. These take the form of emblems, mascots, digital versions of collector’s items and pictograms – and they all come with certificates of authenticity and scarcity. 

If you haven’t worked out what an NFT actually is, head to our post explaining what NFTs are all about and our pick of the best NFT artwork released so far.

Olympics NFT

A mix of digital emblems, mascots, pictograms and more (Image credit: nWay)

The collection of NFTs a real journey through the history of Olympic design, spanning the wealth of design trends presented through Olympic memorabilia. They’re vibrant and diverse in style so well worth a look.

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