Paris Hilton Partners with and Invests in Origin Protocol, OGN Price Down 2% Now

Paris Hilton hopes to empower other artists to have more control over their art and its distribution via NFTs. 

Origin Protocol has announced a partnership with celebrity Paris Hilton. In a Medium post, Origin Co-Founder Mathew Liu announced that the mogul, entertainer and influencer would be working with Origin as both an advisor and an investor. Origin hopes their partnership with “the original influencer” will make their products and the Origin Token (OGN) more valuable.

Liu wrote:

“Paris and her team share Origin’s long-term vision that blockchain technology and specifically NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will empower creators, influencers, artists, and brands to engage more directly with their fans. In the process, NFTs will disrupt existing multibillion-dollar industries like digital metaverses/gaming, premium fashion/limited edition merchandise, traditional fine art, and of course, social media and entertainment.”

Hilton, who started her career in entertainment with TV series and music almost two decades ago has gone on to build a multi-billion dollar empire spanning entertainment, fashion, e-commerce and investment business. Her latest venture, NFTs has led to collaborations with renowned NFT creators and collectors like WhaleShark, Illestrator, 888, 33NFT, Pablo, and others.

She recently made NiftyGateway history with Blake Kathryn for the most successful NFT sale by a female creator on the platform following their April NFT drop. The drop raked in over $1M.

Origin Protocol Inc, founded in 2017 and based in California, has among its products the Origin Token, an NFT platform and the Origin Dollar (OUSD) – “the first stablecoin to automatically accrue DeFi yields while held in user wallets”.

Origin has seen some high-profile drops including blockchain enthusiast and musical artist DJ 3LAU’s record-setting $11.7M sale of 33 NFTs in commemoration of the third anniversary of his album Ultraviolet. The platform hosted the auction of the viral video “Charlie Bit My Finger.”

Paris, the highest-paid female DJ, hopes to empower other artists to have more control over their art and its distribution via NFTs.

“I think bringing NFTs into the mainstream will encourage artists, especially digital artists, to create more, distribute their work and hopefully make some money, too! […] The possibilities are mind-blowing. For example, NFTs can give artists, even if they aren’t well known, the opportunity to crowdfund their work. Contributors would fund the artist’s work with cryptocurrency, and in exchange, they’d each own an NFT that represents a piece of the work. This would be huge for both artists and fans!” said she.

At the time of writing, after the news about the partnership between Paris Hilton and Origin Protocol, OGN is trading at $0.8145, which indicates a 2% fall in 24 hours.

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