Launching this summer, xtingles is the destination for ASMR NFTs

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Jun 10, 2021 ( – ASMR (short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is all the rage these days and for a very compelling reason. It refers to a pleasant tingling sensation caused by outside stimuli, typically sounds and visuals.

Through the sensations and mental visualizations they provide, ASMR sounds soothe stress, anxiety, and insomnia caused by today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle. (Did you know that one in four Americans suffers from insomnia?)

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Recognizing the importance and impact of ASMR, as well as the countless benefits of NFTs, we came up with a revolutionary idea:

A platform for secure discovery and collection of ASMR NFT soundscapes.


xtingles at a glance

On the surface, xtingles is a mobile-first platform that utilizes NFT technology to cement ASMR sounds on the immutable blockchain. 

But scratch beneath the exterior a bit and you’ll discover that it is so much more. xtingles combines NFTs with the mental health benefits of ASMR (audio, visual, and kinesthetic therapy). In other words, it provides listeners with everything they need for a relaxed life while tapping into cutting-edge technology and all the benefits NFTs provide to artists.


xtingles is the go-to destination for ASMR NFT artists and listeners

With xtingles, we aim to help ASMR artists and other audio artists (musicians, audio engineers, sound effect professionals) connect with their audiences on a personal level. In addition to the benefits of proving ownership and originality, the platform offers these artists:

  • Scalability
  • Better discoverability
  • Direct interaction with fans
  • Freedom of creation from algorithms.

xtingles secondary market

In addition to the primary marketplace where artists simply sell their works to collectors, xtingles will also offer a secondary market. This is going to be a place where collectors will be able to buy and sell secondary shares, i.e. NFTs from other users. what’s revolutionary about NFTs is that it has allowed artists easy access to royalties from secondary shares – and you’ll see that in effect at xtingles too.



xtingles is the revolutionary platform that utilizes all the inherent benefits of NFTs and ASMR, providing a safe and reliable environment where artists can create and sell their soundscapes without worrying about plagiarism, ownership, and proceeds.

From the collectors’ and listeners’ standpoint, they can grow their ASMR collection and improve their mental health, while also making use of the safety and reliability provided by NFTs, as well as the immutability of the blockchain.

So if you’re an NFT collector looking for soothing tracks to enrich your collection, an artist that wants to sell their high-quality ASMR to the wider public with peace of mind, or simply an ASMR enthusiast, then xtingles is the place to be. We launch this summer, so be ready!

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