Professional Fighters League Announces First MMA NFTs

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), a fast-growing and innovative sports league, formally announced the first official digital collectibles partnership for an MMA organization.

What Happened: PFL delivers a differentiated experience to the fans underserved in the fast-growing sport of MMA.

The company on Thursday announced Fanaply, the leader in digital collectibles for the biggest names in entertainment and sport, would produce and sell its first licensed non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

The PFL NFTs will consist of unique events; “debut moments” represent the first time a PFL fighter competed for the PFL, while “championship moments” present the winner of each weight class in the 2021 PFL Season.

“Bringing limited-edition digital assets to PFL fans is central to Fanaply’s belief that NFTs are about so much more than speculation,” said Grant Dexter, co-founder, and CEO of Fanaply. “They not only let fans commemorate amazing moments, milestones and experiences of fighters, fights and championships, but for the first time in history, fans actually have true portable digital ownership.”

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Why It Matters: PFL NFTs, which will auction on, allow fans the opportunity to materialize their passion for the sport.

The first PFL moment NFT will be Claressa Shields’ MMA debut, the second moment will feature Rory MacDonald, and the third moment will feature Kayla Harrison via a 30-second video, signed MMA gloves, and personalized inscriptions.

In a statement, Dexter said, “Fans are telling us they want digital products, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative, thoughtful, focused fan and community-driven group over at the PFL.”

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